Togher Walks 10,000km - Round Up

Article submitted on 18 April 2021

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Togher Walks – From 0 to 10000km in only 10 weeks. What a feat considering the restrictions that have been place upon use since December 2020. As a community, we adapted to 5km limits as well as the weather and came out of top.

We kicked off our Togher Walks challenge on Jan 21st, giving ourselves a goal to log 10,000kms in 6 weeks.

As a community, we had 4 objectives:

1) was to give you a reason to get you moving after the Christmas indulgence was over,

2) to give us all something to do during lockdown,

3) to support one of our own, Caroline Manning in her role as Operation Transformation Virtual Leader, and

4) Raise money for the Boyne Fishermans Rescue and Recovery. agreed to donate a total of €250 to this charity once we reached the 10000km milestone.

Our committee set out various walks around our community including “The Scallywags Route”, “The Castle Lane Route” and “The Clonmore Block”. This provided an opportunity to explore areas of our community where you might not have travelled before.

During the planning of Togher Walks, we didn’t consider the impact the weather would have on our goal. Wind, rain, snow, ice, dark evenings, you name it, it tried to get in the way, but as a community we remained on target. By the time we had reach our original finishing date of the end of February we had clocked up 4300kms. But we are not a community to fall short, and so we extended the time to achieve our 10000km.

From that point, the weather started to get better, and the km’s came is quickly. By the middle of March we were at 5000kms logged, and by the end of March at 9200km. Then the Easter miracle occurred and we reached our goal of 10000km on Easter Saturday.

We would like to firstly thank Caroline Manning for allowing Togher Walks be part of her Operation Transformation journey. We would like to also thank Louth Leader Sports Partnership for the merchandise, which was very popular amongst all the finders ??. Lastly and most importantly we would like to thank all who took part. Those who took the time to walk, run or move in any way they could, and for logging it on the website. Without this we might still be trying to reach our 10000km goal.

We continue to think of events and opportunities for you all to enjoy. is about creating community spirit and providing help to each of you as and when we can.