Togher Art - Winners Announced

Article submitted on 26 March 2021

Togher Art -
We are delighted to announce the winners of the Art competition, themed "St Patrick comes to Togher". We would like to thank everyone who entered into this competition. You have demonstrated amazing artistic talent.

Category Winners

  • Up to 1st class - Eoin Og Hanratty
  • up to 4th class - Charlie McAfee
  • up to 6th class - Alexander Betz
  • Secondary school - 13yr old girl

Well done and we will be in touch with each of you to arrange your prize.

We would like to thank the judges, Bernie Martin, Niamh Gillespie and Jack Rogers for judging the categories. They each spoke of the high standard of work for each piece and the imagination and inspiration which each child used.

Specifically for up to 1st class Jack said that "there were so many colourful and imaginative entries it was so hard to choose and I hope everyone had fun bringing their drawings to life."

Bernie said "The overall standard of work in these pieces is very good. The art work, drawing, imagination and use of colour are all of a high standard for this age group. However I have chosen to judge the competition in relation to imagination for the reason that this is the first important element of an art piece that comes into play.
All pieces show that the children have a good imagination in relation to St Patrick’s visit to Togher in the year 2021. The question that would arise therefore, for the children;-
1. Would St Patrick after many hours of travelling, put his physical needs first, like you and me, and stop off at O Neill’s, The Glyde Inn or Carrons of Togher for refreshment.
2. Or would he put his religious yearning for prayer first and consider that St Colmchilles Church Togher, would be his first port of call?
3. Or being aware of the current pandemic would he decide to fly into Ireland on a carbon neutral shamrock alighting possibly where he sees sheep grazing while keeping social distancing?"

And Niamh said "Overall there are some amazing pieces of work for this category, so much time and effort went into these and the children should be really proud but I chose the winner as this piece really stood out.
I choose the winner because this piece just made me smile so much, it's so fun. You can tell alot of time was spent creating this wonderful piece with a lot of detail and shades of colour.  Well done."

We would also like to thank the children, and their families for putting a smile on our face with the beautiful colours and sharing your imagination with us.
We will post all entries on our facebook and instagram pages later. All entries were winners in our eyes.